May 2015 Tax Tips and News

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Forms P11D and P9D


The forms P11D and P9D need to be submitted to HMRC by 6 July 2015 where expenses or benefits were provided to your employees in 2014/15, which are not covered by a dispensation, or are not otherwise exempt from tax. If the forms are not submitted on time, HMRC will issue penalties.

But how does HMRC know whether a P11D or P9D is due to be filed?

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May 2015 Newsletter

Awards News – BIBAS calling!


MJH Accountants are proud to announce that we have been short listed in the prestigious BIBAS category of Professional Service Business of the Year. We are through to the first interview stage and Mark will be representing the Team on Friday 15th May. Watch this space and we will let you know how we go on! The Team was also ‘highly commended’ in the North West Insider Young Professionals Awards. We are always looking to improve our working practices and to deliver ever-increasing excellence in service to our clients. MJH Accountants…always there! Challenge us, we think you’ll be refreshingly surprised at our approach to service delivery.

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