November 2015 Tax Tips & News

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Follower Notices and Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs)


When a court or the tribunal issue a ruling that potentially resolves a large number of cases, many ‘followers’ (i.e. taxpayers with similar circumstances) agree to settle their affairs with HMRC, but some do not. They argue that small differences in the arrangements mean that the decision does not apply to them. HMRC will issue a follower notice to such taxpayers requesting them to settle the liability they believe is due.

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November 2015 Newsletter

“Baby you’re a firework, come on, let your colours burst!” Katy Perry. 



Pink Link is a great avenue for like-minded business women to share their ideas and generate interest in their companies. Andrea, Sophie and Rosie will be supporting Natasha Mooney in her Mary Kay Cosmetics Make up Master Class in Blackpool on 25th November. The MJH ladies are hoping for a few beauty tips (Andrea lots) and are looking forward to a relaxing evening.

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