Megan’s First Few Weeks at MJH

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So far, I have loved my first couple of weeks at MJH, there has been a lot to learn but I love a challenge! Having only just left school, coming straight into work has been a very big step, but the other members of staff and Mark have helped me settle in very quickly and made me feel like one of the team.

I have seen that MJH is a remarkable company and Mark looks after all his staff and ensures that they get the training and support that they need. I feel very confident in that I will do my best here at MJH and I will get all of the help that is essential to make the most of my career in Business Management. I am happy to be starting my career here and I really look forward to my journey ahead.

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HMRC launch new business support service


HMRC have launched a new service designed to directly help mid-sized businesses as they expand and grow.

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November 2017 Newsletter



The last few months have been incredibly busy at MJH. We have recently taken on 3 new recruits to help manage our ever expanding client base. Megan and Henry joined our vibrant team in October and Ian Walling, an experienced Chartered Accountant, will commence work at MJH early in December.

In addition to the recruitment drive, we have been busy fundraising and planning the annual MJH Christmas party which has an important charitable aspect too.

At MJH, we all know that we are very fortunate to enjoy the lives we do without having to worry that our basic needs will be met from one day to the next, unfortunately, this can’t be said for everyone.

We take our social responsibilities very seriously and try, where we can, to help improve the chances for those less fortunate than ourselves, both within the local area and further afield.

Today, Sophie, Rosie, Henry and Megan collected an amazing £254.00 from Preston’s generous public as they collected money in the city centre for BBC’s Children in Need and we are pleased to report that the cash is already on its way to the Charity.

On 7th December, we are hosting our Christmas party (more to follow) in aid of 2 very deserving causes. With a free bar, extensive buffet, music, games and much much more, get the date in your diary now.

Finally, you may have noticed that we are becoming more social, that is in the social media sense. We are looking to grow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin profiles, with regular updates and tips, you have every reason to keep up in touch, so Like, Follow and Connect with us today.

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