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Mark James Hall – Managing Director – ACA CTA

Duties at MJH – Client care, Strategic development and Tax advisory
Hobbies – Football, cricket, real ale and music
Favorite film – Scent of Woman – Al Pacino played a blinding role as Col Frank Slade
Favorite CD – Bat out of Hell II (Meat Loaf)
Favorite Beer – Moorhouses Blond Witch

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Mark HallMark was born in Preston in 1984. Naturally full of energy and extremely inquisitive, Mark displayed entrepreneurial skills from an early age. Fascinated by the world of accountancy, after college Mark entered into an accountancy practice to learn his trade. In 2006, Mark qualified as a Chartered Accountant progressing to Chartered Tax Adviser status by 2008. In August 2012 Mark married and felt that the time was now right to ‘go it alone.’ Having his own accountancy practice was something that Mark had always aspired to.

With great foresight, Mark saw the outstanding potential of an existing newsagents located at the bustling junction of Cadley Causeway and Woodplumpton Road in Fulwood. When Mark was given the opportunity to purchase this property, he was able to utilise his business acumen and ‘get up and go’ philosophy to put his creative ideas into reality: and MJH Accountants Limited was born.
MJH Accountants Limited opened for business in the new premises on Monday 4th February 2014. Very quickly it became apparent that Mark’s team needed to grow to accommodate the rising numbers of clients who were gravitating to MJH Accountants – due to location, recommendations, networking and existing contacts. Mark now has a team of 7, hopefully soon to be 8, who all bring different skills and qualities to the MJH Accountants team.

At the helm, Mark continues to be proactive in a bid to move his business forwards. When asked by an interviewee what he liked most about his job, Mark didn’t hesitate to say, “Helping clients.” Although Mark is naturally ambitious for himself and his family, he is also ambitious for the aspirations of those he works for. Mark has strong core values: he is fair and honest in all his dealings. Mark is active within his local Parish and uses his skills, where he can, on a voluntary basis, for the good of the local community.

Helping businesses to grow whilst also helping them to save tax is Mark’s professional desire. As a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser, Mark is committed to maintaining excellence in all his business dealings. He prides himself on being professional, personable and proactive.

Mark is a man of his word and works tirelessly for the good of those he serves. Not only is he investing in his own future, he is investing in the future of his team and his clients.

Occasionally, when Mark does take some time off work, he is an avid sports fan and a keen supporter of both Preston North End FC and Lancashire County Cricket Club. Mark has even travelled as far as the West Indies watching England play cricket.
Mark also enjoys a very broad (and some would say unusual) taste in music and films and likes nothing more than a good pint of real ale.

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Ian Walling – Accounts Manager – ACA

Duties at MJH – Client care, Strategic development
Hobbies – Cricket, rugby and football
Favorite film – A knight’s tale
Favorite Biscuit – A chocolate hobnob

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Ian WallingHaving worked in both small local and large international accountancy firms prior to moving to MJH, I am fortunate to have accumulated 10 years’ experience working with a variety of clients. The decision to move to MJH Accountants was heavily swayed by how impressed I was with the business structure put in place by Mark as well as the future prospects for the business.

It is my aim to assist Mark in not only delivering an excellent service for clients but to assist in growing the business further. You will know doubt come to know me well as I introduce myself personally to many of you.

In the short time I have been here, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at MJH and I am impressed by the team Mark has put together. We have a friendly and approachable attitude and this helps us give clients the best service possible.

I very much look forward to meeting new clients, bringing in some of my own, helping the business grow and reach its full potential.

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Joseph Coupe – Chartered Accountant

Duties at MJH – Preparing financial statements; preparing and submitting VAT returns; Payroll and CIS compliance and general bookkeeping
Hobbies – Football, spending time with friends and video gaming
Favourite film – Interstellar
Favourite book – The Hobbit
Favourite biscuit – Cadbury’s caramel digestive

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Joseph CoupeJoe first started out with work experience, one day a week, at MJH accountants in February 2013. During this time, Joe was also studying for the second year of his Accounting and Financial Studies degree at UCLan. After about a year and a half of working for MJH Accountants part time, Joe graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in June 2014. The degree has helped Joe with his work at MJH Accountants and stands Joe in good stead for starting his Chartered Accountancy training.

Since graduating, Joe has been working full time at MJH Accountants. During this time Joe has gained many skills. Joe is looking forward to starting his Chartered Accountancy training early in 2015 and being able to gain more knowledge and skills that he can use in his career.

When Joe is not working he likes to play football; watch movies; play video games and spend time with his friends and girlfriend. When Joe was younger he rode Motocross bikes and he is currently saving hard to try and get back into a sport that he loves. Joe says, “I have followed this sport since I was young and I am excited to have an opportunity to get back into the hobby of my youth.”

James Fairhurst

James Fairhurst – BSC ACA

Duties at MJH – Preparation of financial and management accounts, bookkeeping training (Certified Xero advisor and Quickbooks ProAdvisor), processing and submitting VAT returns, general bookkeeping and creation of our newsletter.
Hobbies – Creating hand-made pottery, gardening, debating, reading, video production, building log cabins.
Favourite film – Interstellar
Favourite books – The Harry potter series & 1984
Favourite biscuit – Chocolate hobnob.

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Photo 069At MJH Accountants our modern approach and drive towards using the most current and effective technologies in the industry is what sets us apart from the competition. One noticeable revolution is the “taking back” of the bookkeeping by small to medium sized businesses thanks to the advances in accounting software such as Xero. James is a certified Xero partner and is in charge of the bookkeeping training for our clients.

“With Xero, double entry bookkeeping is completely behind the scenes and it allows businesses to keep much more accurate records. There are many other useful features such as invoicing and producing reports and it’s so flexible with it being available on the web.”
“I enjoy teaching very much, being able to connect with clients in the training helps build lasting relationships and I find I can bring my previous teaching experience in to it.”
James is  a part qualified chartered accountant and is studying part time in order to complete his ACA qualification. At work, aside from his client training, his primary role is that of producing the financial statements for our sole traders and company clients. He also produces management accounts for many of our larger clients as well as calculating and submitting VAT returns.

“The course is really informative and helps so much with decision making in every day work. I enjoy being able to study in my own time as it allows me to keep a good work-study balance”

Some of James’ interests include making pottery, gardening and travelling. Recently James has built his third Log cabin studio where he creates hand made pottery and is also hoping to start learning carpentry.

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Sophie Anne Paget – Trainee Accountant

Duties at MJH – Bookkeeping, payroll, final accounts, filing and networking
Hobbies – Keeping fit at the Gym, driving her cars and eating out!
Favourite Film – Mamma Mia – Sophie loves the story behind this musical
Favourite CD – Beyoncé
Favourite biscuit – Scottish shortbread (especially the ones smothered in chocolate)

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Sophie PagetSophie attended St Michael’s High School in Chorley from where she graduated in June 2013 with excellent GCSE results including an ‘A’ in English and ‘B’ in mathematics. From a young age, Sophie has always had a keen interest in accounting and knew that this was the career for her. Sophie decided that the best route for her to achieve her goals was an apprenticeship. Initially, prior to MJH Accountants, Sophie worked as a purchase ledger clerk. This has stood her in good stead with her bookkeeping duties in the MJH Accountants’ office.

Sophie is very ambitious and knows what she has to do to achieve her goals. From starting at MJH in July 2014 she quickly settled in and got stuck in to whatever was asked of her. She is currently studying for her AAT level 2 qualification at Runshaw Business College, with high hopes of continuing on to do her ACA training to become a fully qualified chartered accountant. Sophie has found a good balance between work and college enabling her to put maximum effort into both. At MJH Accountants, Sophie partakes in all aspects of accounting and general office work which has helped to broaden her knowledge of the accounting world.

When she’s not working Sophie spends a large amount of her spare time at her local gym, exercising, swimming, attending Zumba classes and visiting the café! Sophie thoroughly enjoys driving her two cars, she currently owns an Audi TT and a Citroen C1, and she has been on track days before now and driven Lamborghinis, Ferraris and an Audi R8! Sophie regularly enjoys going out with her friends for food and drinks in her local area.

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Rosie Jo Burton – Trainee Accountant

Duties at MJH – Bookkeeping, payroll, final accounts, and networking
Hobbies – Riding and competing my horses, socialising with friends and trying different restaurants.
Favourite Film – The Hangover
Favourite Music – Charts music
Favourite biscuit – Fox’s Viennese biscuits

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FullSizeRenderFrom a very young age Rosie’s main interest has been her horses! Initially, she always wanted to have a job involving horses, however, after many years of having to do their jobs in the rain, wind, and traditional English weather, she decided she’d prefer to have a job indoors.

Rosie attended St Michael’s High School in Chorley and in the last few years, developed a flare for maths. She left with an A in maths and a B in her English. Following this, Rosie then attended Rossall School, an international boarding school, where a lot of her family went. There Rosie completed her A-Levels in Maths, Psychology and ICT. It was around his point when Rosie decided she wanted to go down the apprenticeship route, and that’s when she joined us at MJH Accountants.

Since joining MJH in September 2015, Rosie settled in very quickly. Her confidence has grown in huge amounts as she has been attending networking events from the first few weeks of her starting! She has completed her AAT Level 2 and 3 qualification and is currently on her Level 4 at Runshaw Business College. In the future Rosie plans to carry on her training, complete her ACA, and become a fully qualified chartered accountant.