At MJH Accountants we have a very clear vision of the accountancy practice we want to be, how we want to evolve, how we interact with clients, how we treat our staff and what impact we have on the local community.

Accountancy has moved forward in the last decade, largely due to the introduction of cloud-based accountancy and other technological advancements. At MJH we believe that these changes need to be embraced and we are committed to trialling new software as we believe staying at the forefront of technological development will ensure we save time and effort for our clients.

For years many accountants were deemed to be “bean-counters” that dealt with the end of year compliance. However, we believe that an accountant should offer far much more than this. Our aim is to be an accountancy firm that is deemed as a trusted advisor by all of our clients, someone that clients can turn to for advice on any financial matters and offer guidance whenever necessary.

As a firm grows it can be very easy to lose sight of your principles and move away from your core values. However, we are committed to ensuring this doesn’t happen. By investing in the development of our staff and treating them as an asset to the business rather than a cost we ensure we retain the best staff and continue to provide the high level of service on which MJH Accountants has been built.

As well as focussing on the service we provide to our clients and our treatment of staff, at MJH we recognise that it is important that we can give back to the community wherever possible. As such we chose a local charity each year for which we run various fundraising events. 2019 saw the inaugural MJH Charity Ball, which helped raise £7,500 for the Space Centre.

In sticking to our vision we hope to run an accountancy firm whereby everyone benefits not just a select few.

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