The role of a smart business model in the long term success of a business

Over 1000 businesses start-up every day, all starting from the same point, but their long term success is determined by their ability to evolve their business and stay ahead of their competitors, and a successful business model can be a key tool in driving that. This article will illustrate how a smart business model can help differentiate your business from your competitors and the positive impact it can have.

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Tax newsletter – July


In his first response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak back in March, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said that the Government would do ‘whatever it takes’ to support the country through the pandemic. To date, the government’s furlough scheme has helped employers pay the wages of some 9 million employees across the UK and more that 2.7 million people have been supported by the self-employment income support scheme. Businesses have been supported by tax cuts and deferrals, as well as cash grants, and over a million loans through four government-backed schemes.

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