Karen’s Spicy Marinade has been used in a number of dishes and has been Crave’s signature dish for over fifteen years. Placement on supermarket shelves is the next goal, which is looking very achievable.
Karen Riley from Crave describes the many challenges she has faced on her long business journey.


Operating from her little Sandwich Shop in the heart of Kirkham, Karen offers a broad range of home-made dishes, as well as an outside catering service to businesses and individuals for a variety of occasions, such as meetings, weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries.

Karen’s ultimate goal though is to introduce her signature spicy marinade to the supermarket shelves. Karen’s lucky customers, both in the shop and outside catering customers, have been enjoying this for many years and Karen believes the marinade is so delicious and versatile that it could be used with many ingredients such as chicken, king prawns and salmon.

Karen commented, “We’ve been making Karen’s Spicy Marinade for over 15 years and are currently in the process of getting it retail ready for supermarkets. It’s not been the easiest of journeys and we’re delighted to have finally reached this stage but have some way to go still. Our major barriers have been getting every aspect of the business ready to move forward … this has taken many years and we are ready now to take it to the next level. Accountancy support was a major issue and three accountancy firms later, we were left feeling incredibly frustrated and bewildered, due to the lack of communication and customer service from one of the organisations. We were honestly ready to give up!”

Karen used to shop at a small newsagent on Woodplumpton Road and was disappointed to see it close down and replaced with an accountancy firm. She did, however, call in one day, and hasn’t looked back since. She could no longer buy her favourite sweets, but she’d found an accountant that was both reliable and extremely competent!

Within six weeks of speaking to MJH Accountants, Karen was provided with comprehensive business advice which then enabled her to get in touch with key retail regulatory and legal businesses, food labelling specialists and food technologists, who provided her with the insight and knowledge she required to move the business forward. Ensuring all these essential elements are in place is critical for the presentations Karen will need to take at “Meet the Buyer” events.

Karen continued, “I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of MJH Accountants. The guidance they have provided is so much more than I have previously experienced with my former accountants. MJH are genuinely interested in my business and continually suggest innovative solutions to help me move forward. They’ve even responded within hours to a query on New Year’s Day, now that’s what I call commitment!”

With encouragement from MJH, Crave is now ready to take the spicy marinade to the retail market. Karen concludes, “Crave has come so far since we started out and if the accountancy side of things are being dealt with efficiently, I truly believe we can achieve even bigger and better things with Crave. In fact, we’re so confident in our products that we’ve entered some of our dishes into the Great Taste Awards 2016, which is the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink in the UK!



Most business owners when asked what it takes to be successful will say something along the lines of “Determination and lots of hard work!” When I asked Scott Walker (director of Sevron Limited) the same question he replied,
“Don’t work harder, work smarter and learn how to take calculated risks”


Sevron, an online solution provider for managing the minefield of Risk Assessments, COSH Assessments and Safety Data Sheets focuses on the exact needs of its clients, to ensure businesses conform to UK health and safety regulations. I spoke with director Scott Walker recently to talk about how Sevron got to where it is now and how he is finding the service from MJH Accountants.

Originally, the inspiration for Sevron came from a job that co-director Dale Allen had within health and safety; collecting safety data sheets. To keep up with UK regulations the company would have to regularly review its health and safety documentation and obtain as much as 20 safety data sheets from some suppliers. Scott said, “With that in mind we bought the domain name which provided a database of safety data sheets saving companies the time and effort of searching for them, but we needed to go further.”

Having identified new gaps in the market within risk assessment and COSHH assessment, Scott and Dale then went on to create Sevron. Sevron’s software is in use in many prominent companies such as BAE Systems, EDF Energy and BMI Healthcare. Scott continued,
“I get a real sense of achievement from seeing the progress we are making. Sevron is continually expanding with larger budgets and we’re becoming more focussed on bringing new software to the market such as COSHH365.”

What does the future hold for Sevron? Well, with new products to hit the market soon, a large growth spurt is expected within the company. “The new products are showing huge potential.”
For a large company such as Sevron there is a large accounting need. I asked Scott about his decision to choose MJH Accountants. He had this to say…
“Moving from a larger well established accountants to MJH Accountants has been a benefit both financially and personally. I get more face to face time with Mark, than I ever had with other accountants and his advice is second to none. His flexibility is impressive, as our needs are constantly changing due to Sevron’s continuing growth.”

At MJH Accountants we make it our priority to be flexible and provide a first rate service. So, if you are a small or large company, we can help fulfil your accounting needs whilst providing you with valuable advice on Tax and how to save money.


The Ashton Flower Shop

Established 30 years ago, The Ashton Flower Shop has grown to become one of the best florists Preston has to offer and are the only Preston florist included in The Good Florist Guide, an accolade they have held for the last four years. Providing modern and contemporary designs with many specialist and flexible arrangements, The Ashton Flower shop have the perfect flowers to suit every occasion. I spoke to the owner, Steve Woods to find out a little bit more about the business and how he is finding the service from us.


According to Steve the most important aspect of running a Florist is providing unparalleled customer service, and a quick look at their website testimonials certainly reflects this.
Providing a quality service can be very time consuming and often it becomes necessary to delegate responsibility to others to make the most of your available time. Steve said,
“MJH take a load off our minds, allowing us the time and energy to focus on our business.”

At MJH Accountants we understand that every business if different and pride ourselves on being able to tailor our service to your individual needs. Steve continued,
“Mark’s great, he’s very efficient and overall his tailored service suits our every need! We’re delighted with the service he provides.”


MJC Auto Services

With 15 years experience in the garage business, Matthew Curley has worked on a large range of commercial and domestic vehicles. He has gained accreditation in MOT testing, diagnostics and fault finding.


Matthew commented,
“Working my way up the ranks as an apprentice in a garage for 10 years, I finally took the plunge to start my own family business. I’ve achieved a lot over the last couple of years and we’ve expanded considerably and have a large number of assets including a fully equipped garage. All of it took a lot of hard work.”
His overall aim for the future is to offer great service at competitive prices and make sure all his customers are happy. He would also like to have other branches one day and create a franchise. It’s not surprising that with such hard work he requires quality support from an accountant with a good reputation. Matthew continued,
“Since becoming a Limited company I just haven’t got the time to do the books and so Mark does it all for me, he’s very helpful. He tailors his service for me, and sorts all the tax and PAYE for me too. Mark is always available, I’ve texted him with a problem before on a Friday night at 9pm, he has no problem in dealing with me at that time”
When asking him what it takes to be success in his line of work Matthew said, “Dedication, determination and working hard to keep everyone happy is the key.”

With such a focus on providing customers with excellent service there is always the need for help and advice and at MJH Accountants we recognise the need to be available for clients.


Gillibrand Fireplaces

Established 50 years ago Gillibrand Fireplaces quickly grew to become one of the most respected and trusted names in the field. Under the new ownership of Charlie O’Donnell from 2009 Gillibrand Fireplaces has expanded from the small workshop in Preston to a prime location in Penwortham.


Charlie commented,
One of my greatest achievements is gaining exclusive dealership rights for some of the most reputable brand names for fireplaces, hence providing a service that no one else in Preston can offer. When asked, “What does it take to be successful in your line of work” he replied.
“Gaining a good reputation and the exclusive brands have expanded the customer base a lot so now the main thing is to be able to cope under pressure and overcome obstacles, it’s hard work! What I enjoy most about running my own business is the sense of achievement in seeing the finished product. It’s also fantastic to see the customers happy.”
As for what the future has in store for Gillibrand Fireplaces, Charlie would like to expand the showroom and impress customers with live fireplaces. Charlie continued,
“I’m very pleased with the service from MJH Accountants, they are a big help, Mark does my VAT and James visits me at my place of work and do the books for me. Also, Mark is very helpful and has given me a lot of advice and saved me a lot of money.”
At MJH Accountants we understand that our clients have a lot of work to do with the every day running of their businesses and so we are there to take the pressure off, provide insightful advice and save you money. I asked Charlie if there was anything we could do to improve our service…
“No honestly there’s nothing; I’m delighted with the service Mark provides. Ever since Mark bought a fireplace from me a few years ago, we clicked and since he became my accountant I’ve never looked back.”


Health Equity Solutions Limited

Founded in 2010 by Paul Nugent, Health Equity Solutions Limited provides a first class medical insurance consultancy service. Initially a self employed insurance consultant, after building up his portfolio of clients he decided to set up his own brokerage, Chase Templeton. Since then Paul has enjoyed seeing growth year on year.


Founded in 2010 by Paul Nugent, Health Equity Solutions Limited provides a first class medical insurance consultancy service. Initially a self employed insurance consultant, after building up his portfolio of clients he decided to set up his own brokerage, Chase Templeton. Since then Paul has enjoyed seeing growth year on year.
I recently got in touch with Paul to ask him about his work and about how he is finding the service from us, and what key qualities have lead to his business’ success?” He replied,
“My portfolio includes many large well known brands and I am currently the Number 1 consultant in the organisation. My expert knowledge of the industry and high level of customer service are key to our success.”
So what does the future hold in store? Paul’s expectations of the future are to see the continuing expansion and increasing diversity of Health Equity Solutions. Since a referral from a friend Paul has benefited from a tailored service to suit his accounting needs and round the clock advice from Mark. He is particularly pleased with this year’s Tax return. He has rated our accounting service “First class”. He continued,
“Mark has adapted a solution to fit my requirements and has given me expert tax planning advice. I keep mark abreast of all issues and ideas about my business and he advises.”
When asked if there was anything we could do to improve our service, Paul replied
“No, I’m totally happy!”