Whether you just require a director’s payroll or you have a number of staff, MJH Accountants can ease the pressure by attending to all your payroll processing needs. We can provide summaries, pay slips and ensure that HMRC receive all the relevant information on time including RTI submissions and P11D’s. Getting the weekly or monthly pay slip right every time is absolutely critical. By outsourcing the payroll function to MJH Accountants it provides your business with access to trained people who deal with payroll and have expertise in this field. In turn, this frees you up to concentrate on growing your business, whilst knowing that your payroll is precise, efficient and compliant.

In recent years there has been a whole shift onto the employer and the Government has announced a list of changes. As payroll becomes ever more complicated so does the process of operating and understanding the payroll systems. Examples of areas which fall under employers’ responsibilities are student loans; Working Family Tax Credits; and Stakeholder Pensions.

Employers also choose to use our payroll services for matters of confidentiality. Directors and Senior Management may prefer to have their payroll processed away from the internal payroll departments. We undertake to produce the following: Confidential Pay slips; detailed Wage Records; monthly PAYE and NIC calculations; production of all Year End Forms including forms P60 and P35. We issue all forms P45; we handle any Inland Revenue enquiries; we ensure our Payroll Software is kept up to date.

Real Time Information (RTI)

Real Time Information (RTI) is mandatory for all employers and it has been implemented from April 2013.

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